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The Solar System To Scale

With this book we attempt to illustrate the true gigantic scale of our solar system. As opposed to the schematics of the solar system that most people have seen, this is actually true to scale (1:7,500,000).

The Sun is on the first spread (diameter: 20 cm). Neptune, the eighth and outermost planet in our system, is on the last spread, 1538 pages forward (Pluto, much further out, is considered a planetoid, not a true planet, as of 2006). The seven remaining planets – Mercury, Venus, Earth (page 84), Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn – are on the pages between these. Most pages are blank, except for the one-million kilometre scale on the bottom of all pages that continues through the whole book.

Size: 43 x 31 x 12 cm. Weighs 11.5 kg. Bound in black leather with embossed title and scale by Co’libri.