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Logo for Gyldendal Podcast

Gyldendal Podcast is a place for interviews with authors, book recommendations, and behind-the-scenes stuff from the publisher.

Gyldendal is inextricably connected to its logo: a crane holding a stone in one claw*. The company has used this symbol since its founding in 1770; it is featured on every one of their books.

Reusing the crane seemed like a good idea. Adding a microphone (coming down from above, mirroring the bird’s neck and head in an interesting way) creates the impression that the crane is speaking. The square format was decided by iTunes’ specifications, and the background orange (C0 M36 Y84 K0) and type (Giorgio Sans Bold) are from Gyldendal’s design manual.

Gyldendal Podcast is edited by Sigurd Hartkorn Plaetner, Thomas Broge-Starck and Mara Erml. Hosted by Sigurd Hartkorn Plaetner. Music by Mads Koch.

* A crane holding a stone turns out to be a well-established heraldic symbol of vigilance, stemming from a belief mentioned in, and possibly originating from, Pliny the Elder’s The Natural History. Pliny writes about cranes: ‘During the night, also, they place sentinels on guard, each of which holds a little stone in its claw: if the bird should happen to fall asleep, the claw becomes relaxed, and the stone falls to the ground, and so convicts it of neglect. The rest sleep in the meanwhile, with the head beneath the wing, standing first on one leg and then on the other: the leader looks out, with neck erect, and gives warning when required.’ (The Natural History, Pliny the Elder, Book X – The Natural History of Birds, chapter 30 (23), Perseus Digital Library).