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Mount København – Book cover, Gyldendal

Kaspar Colling Nielsen’s first book is a collection of stories set on and around a 3,500 meter high artificial mountain on the outskirts of Copenhagen. Awarded Debutantprisen, the prize for Best First Novel, 2010.

We’ve designed the cover as a photoshopped image of what the fictional mountain might look like on a clear day behind Copenhagen’s profile of towers, seen from circa a rooftop in Nørrebro. We’ve tried to make the illusion believable, but slightly off and not too detailed. This is an image from an alternative reality.

The image wraps around the whole of the book – front, back, spine, flaps – with more and more of the panorama revealed as the book is unfolded. The obligatory author portrait (by Das Büro) is integrated in the cover image itself, as if he was standing with us on the rooftop – thus avoiding the normal inserted rectangle.

Published by Gyldendal, 2010. Edited by Janne Breinholt Bak.