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Knuder – Book cover (Rosinante)

The cover for this Danish edition of Gunnhild Øyehaug’s short stories Knuder (Knots) is one of the most difficult jobs we have ever done. We worked on more than ten separate ideas, including illustrations of knots real and symbolic, elaborate typographical solutions, and several attempts at illustrating the fact that each of us move about our daily lives as actual skeletons padded with muscles and nerves. Months passed, and we became increasingly tired and disgusted with ourselves, worried that we just couldn’t do it, and that the whole project would end in humiliation.

Then, finally, just before the deadline, we abandoned all ideas of trying to be clever. We made this simple cover in less than an hour, and it was immediately apparent that it was better than all our earlier attempts. It’s hardly spectacular, but it feels inviting and has a quiet, self-confident elegance.

Published by Rosinante, 2018. Edited by Anders Wilhelm Knudsen.