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American Propaganda: Red Dollar.

American Propaganda – Four posters for Donald Trump’s visit to Copenhagen, 2019

These four posters were made for the occasion of Donald Trump’s visit to Copenhagen 2-3 September, 2019. Since he chose to cancel the visit, they never got to play their intended role.

The subject is the USA of Trump and the modern Republican Party: Short-sighted, self-dealing, proudly stupid charlatans, who deny the likelihood of catastrophic climate change, and embrace the support of Christian fundamentalists.

Posters: Red $ / Climate Science Is Un-American / America’s God Is The Only God / One People, One President. Each 100 x 138 centimeters on poster stock. Available for purchase (please contact us about availability). 100% of proceeds donated to Extinction Rebellion. 

American Propaganda: Climate Science Is Un-American.

American Propaganda: America’s God Is The Only God.

American Propaganda: One Country, One President.