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Irma – “Art bag”

The Danish supermarket chain Irma has a long tradition for design. For years their plastic and paper bags had – often quite good – art printed on them, instead of the commercial message that would be obvious for most other retailers. After a year-long pause, Irma wanted to reintroduce their art bags, and held a competition to solicit new designs.

Our proposal was a 1:1 depiction of the required floor space for a caged hen in the European Union: 750 cm2, roughly 1,25 sheet of A4 paper. The text says “A caged egg-laying hen lives on 750 cm2 of netting – an area the size of this text. We’re the only supermarket in Denmark that do not sell eggs from caged hens”.

We thought this was a way to say something of real importance, instead of just being decorative. And because Irma actually is the only Danish supermarket that does not sell eggs from caged hens, the statement made sense as branding.

We did not win.