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I begyndelsen var billedet – Book cover

Thorkild and Kathrine Kjærgaard’s coming book I begyndelsen var billedet (In the Beginning Was the Image) tells the strange and fascinating story about Christian iconography in Greenland – a culture that had no or very little contact with imagery until missionaries arrived in the beginning of the 1700′s.

We’ve made a cover based on Rockwell Kent‘s wonderful 1932-drawing Gutip Sernigiliget Kalatdlit (God Bless the Greenlanders). Permission to use the image was granted by Rockwell Kent’s estate on the condition that it could not be cropped nor touched by text or any other graphic elements. And since the book’s format was decided, the options were limited.

We decided that the only satisfying solution was to make the image as big as possible, and place the title on the narrow vertical band this left towards the spine. All text is white on a rich, brown background.